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The Rina Starr Experience

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

I've always been the type of individual who focused more on building relationships when at work than selling. I started off my working career in retail. So of course customer service is at the base of my foundation. I was always self motivated and driven to reach goals. The employee that was always smiling and positive. I guess its just in my nature to be that way. I can smile through it all (proven fact actually)!

As I grew and progressed in my working career my demeanor has remained. Now as an entrepreneur, I am so grateful that I have this skill that many don't posses. Entrepreneurship is 50% customer service and 50% selling yourself. Some may think otherwise, but in reality, people buy into or purchase you! You can have the worst quality product there is and if you have amazing customer service, and are NICE (yes, I used nice because people love when someone shows them interest, is friendly and goes the extra mile for them) they will purchase whatever it is your selling.

For example, I worked for a pyramid company Kirby Vacuum's. I was very young and lasted only about a month but it was interesting and taught me a ton about selling yourself. We were dropped off in an area unknown to us, sent knocking on doors to ask for demo time and given $2000 vacuums to sell. Of course we all wanted to sell at top dollar but we were taught how to talk down the price little by little and boom this is price you wont ever see again. In my short month I sold 15 vacuums. One of which I sold to an ex employee of the company. He knew the scheme, allowed me to demo to get my goal for the day and purchased the vacuum at full price because I sold myself and my personality shined more than the silver vacuum I used. I had bragging rights for the week after that.

Anyhow, I say all this to point out that on this journey of entrepreneurship, I've learned that in most cases, I must sell myself. People book with me for the experience. I enjoy knowing my clients and gaining an understanding of them through conversation and photography. I love finding out their wants and needs and portraying that into their photos. Knowing their good side, and their favorite movements. If you haven't noticed yet, I love to laugh. Its become impossible for me to not smile.

Shooting with Lauren was all of that and more. I had first met Lauren at a video shoot I recently had. She was visually beautiful. Of course I was being my normal self and laughing or cracking jokes. Being a bit silly always eases the mood. We quickly exchanged information after that and set up a session. We met at Union Station in Hartford expecting to walk the area for a while and shoot. We started actually inside the bus terminal and worked our way around from there. Lauren took direction very well and braved the cold weather in a tank top for majority of our session. Our 20 minute walk through the area turned into an hour pretty quickly. But time flies when your having fun. We laughed and talked about her modeling career. As expected I got so many beautiful images of Lauren it was hard for me to decide which to edit. Don't worry I didn't edit all of them.

I reached out to her after leaving to say thank you for working with me and she responded how I want all of my clients to respond. "I had so much fun with you!" I want all of my clients to go back and say to a friend, "Omg I had so much fun shooting with Rina." Yeah of course I like the compliments on quality and timing but I want everyone to enjoy their experience with me.

I've been teasing around the hashtag #therinastarrexperience and its so fitting for many. I'm a lifestyle photographer at heart, so every session for me is an experience. Capturing natural laughter, smiles and emotions is my thing. I'm random at times but all in creative fun. I get excited over shots that I myself am amazed by. Like I literally stop the shoot to gush over a photo. I dance with you when your feeling the music, giggle at the silly poses and none of it is ever awkward or forced.

Many of my clients have become more than that. We keep in touch and build relationships both personal and professional. It was unexpected at times but really that was apart of the plan. That is the plan god has always had for me. I am a relationship builder and I love that about myself.

Just know, once you shoot with Rina Starr you have become apart of the Starr Brand. I cherish these relationships and thrive to continue to build more and maintain those I have already formed. I want you to be comfortable with me and enjoy your session with me. Lets make magic while working!

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2 Kommentare

Rina Starr
Rina Starr
09. Dez. 2018

Thank you so much Cathy!🤗🤗🤗

Gefällt mir

Okay, first and foremost ... HOLY SHIT! These images are A Maze Balls!!!! Stunning and Simply Beautiful!!!

And now that I’ve closed my mouth and stopped gasping, I love the idea of RinaStarrExperience. And since flooding you and reading about your session, I would agree it’s the perfect description and hashtag for you.

Gefällt mir
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