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Rina Starr

My children are the reason. Once I became a mother, I received my first camera as a gift. That was nearly eleven years ago. I have discs, drives and cards galore. All filled with memories that if I hadn't captured the moment on camera, would have become forgotten history. In the summer of 2016, I began experimenting with my fiancé’s new DSLR camera. Of course, my children were at the other end of my lens. I shared my love for my children through the lens of my camera for the world to see. Now, as a professional photographer, I would like to open my world to you. Come along for the journey and watch me create, watch me love, and watch me inspire. Most of all watch me grow and progress into an influential individual with my children by my side. ​Enough of the mushy stuff. Here are a few fun facts:​I love being creative, I want each clients experience to be special and one to remember.​When I'm not capturing memories, I am with my children dancing around and laughing or watching them play sports. We are a basketball family. My oldest daughter plays year round and I just began coaching my middle child's first grade team. Yes, I cant believe it either, I coach.  ​My favorite style of photography is Lifestyle. Being a natural born writer, I love poetry and anything that is filled with emotion. I decided to start blogging about my favorite sessions. Merging my two loves.

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