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Puerto Rico Unplugged

I just knew my tiktok game was gonna be strong in Puerto Rico. I had a list of tiktok's we (yes the entire family, I'm THAT MOM) needed to recreate and looks to match. My children thought I was going crazy. But I was not playing any games. I made them practice over and over until we had the routines down and I wanted near perfection.

Morning of departure I woke everyone up and got to work. Zoey, pretend to wake up... got it, saved to drafts. Zaiden grab your suitcase, okay good, saved to drafts. Zariah come on look excited. blah lets do that again, "I'm so excited!" okay that works, saved to drafts.

Now my part was easy, I knew my role, what and how I wanted it. grabs family on screen, zooms through every part of our travel and drop them on the beach. Heck I even did a finger snap for every portion of the adventure to the hotel. These are going to be so freaking cute OMG!

We got into the hotel so late the first night I was so tired. I wanted to add transitions and clean up the first video so I told myself I'd wait for morning. Morning game and of course I did none of the above. I was woken up by local roosters at 5am so I sat on the balcony watched the sunrise and edited photos from the day priors events. By the time Dad was done with classes and ready for the day it was time to go Kayaking with my sister in-law, niece and nephew.

Quick photo-op and we are off on our Kayaks paddling like no bodies business. And y'all know I had my phone. Duh!!! It was in a life proof case dangling on my wrist I had this. We park in the middle of the ocean, hand my precious phone over to hubby and hop in for a dip then boom!!!! It falls in and down 34 feet to the bottom of the ocean nowhere in sight! Ride over. I never paddled so fast. Hahahahaha I was so hot. I thought I lost my entire life. How was I going to finish my tiktoks ugh!!!!! To add insult to injury my daughter gets out the water "mommy you know tiktok doesn't save your drafts if you log out or switch phones." KILL ME NOW!!!!!

I was bummed for about an hour. okay maybe the next 2 days. But ya girl got a new phone and an upgrade CHACHING!!!! LOL

So all though I didn't get to tiktok I am so thankful that I was able to enjoy Puerto Rico unplugged (kind of, I was editing all week in my downtime via my laptop). I truly enjoyed my family. Seeing and feeling their happiness and joy in the moment and not annoying them to get moves right. Sure we had our camera in tow to capture memories but it was so nice not staring at my phone screen and surfing social media. We became the social media. I didn't want to overflow the time lines so I'll share the album her. Enjoy!!!

Until next time San Juan.

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