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The Not So New Me

AHHHHH! It's 2019, we made it. New year, new me!!! I'm cutting people off, I'm going to go harder in the gym, eat right, drink more water, Im going to focus on me this year and only me.

Says everyone, everywhere! Let the choir say "FACTS B!!!!" lol (I'm sorry y'all know I cant be serious for that long!)

I refuse to do that yet again. Giving the world insight into what I want for me before I have a plan to execute only turns into disappointment on my end mostly. Why do we continue to wake up on New Years Day and tell the world what we are going to change only to remain the same we were just hours before?

Sure, I have a list of goals, written down and in my head. But I've grown to realize that when I make announcements of goals and plans they fall through. Either I didn't have a plan of execution or someone stopped my flow.

So going forward I choose to focus on consistency, branding myself and marketing myself. Not on things that I am mentally not prepared to commit to and well, im already eating right and drinking water lol. My goals went from being small to large so its only right to make plans for the years to come.

If I tell y'all I may have to kill y'all! lol but know its coming!

Instead of the normal what I am going to do, lets revisit 2018!

December 31st, I stepped on a scale and was down 11 lbs. In October 2018, I was 178, now 167. Oh yeah, Im feeling myself.

February 15th, I got my last shape up. Yes shape up as in I cut all my hair off and was going to a barber every two weeks. Now look at my crown!!!

April 27th, I was a part of my first gallery show. Along side some other talented black female photographers. Thank you @doitftc

I went (semi) viral a few times. Not up for debate. I did!

I decided early on that I wanted to do a self project every season and did so successfully.

I was featured by @Kamiaportraits in her "Top 20 Black Female Photographers You Should Follow" blog post. which was so exciting for me.

I began my blog which has been the most liberating for me. It gave me an outlet, joy and it opened my eyes to other forms of photography and meaning. My Love Story, Thank You, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised and Lost in The Sauce being my favorites to date. I get excited just thinking about writing more.

I did a few more music videos, progress is coming.

Tons of other things in between. But most importantly, I stayed true to myself, loved me more and gave my all. Thank you 2018 for treating me so well, on to the next.

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