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A Different Perspective

It always amazes me how different yet so similar my fiance and I are. Of course we have different likes, wants and desires. But after nearly 15 years of growing together with the same goal and mind space, its truly excited to watch each other develop into our own creative beings. We tease often, both being photographers, whose work is better. Who's editing style is more unique and who's better at posing. I always say me of course and his response is always "I'm your favorite photographers, favorite photographer!" lol He says this so much he began using it as one of his main hashtags,

We've had the opportunity to work together on so many amazing projects and each time we turn out something absolutely incredible. We've talked over and over about booking clients as a collaborative unit, a team of sorts, I mean two minds are better than one. Im still hoping that happens. ( hint hint)

Uzzel came to me a few weeks ago and said he had decided he wanted us to set up one shoot a week for the two of us to have some fun. We would take turns weekly with choosing the model, concept and location. This first week was his turn. He reached out to model we'd worked with in the past for a branding session. She was gorgeous and took direction like a pro. I was already excited. Once he told me he wanted to shoot in the Downtown area of Middletown, CT I was kind of surprised. I tried change his mind by throwing out other options. I mean it wasn't an awful area, I've shot around there in the past, I just couldn't see the vision like he did. We both brought our Nikon D 7100 camera's and we each had our Nikon 50 mm f 1.8 lens.

Shot by Wax Groove

Initially, I let him take charge. I enjoyed watching him work. posing the model in ways I wouldn't have attempted. Using walls and roads I wouldn't have given a second glimpse. We walked by a firehouse and the brick exterior instantly caught all of our attention. As we walked closer to begin to shoot a gentlemen walked out and asked if we needed assistance, really it was more like he was amazed at how beautiful our model Olivia was. We talked a bit and asked if we could pose with the trucks and they allowed us to shoot inside the station with open arms and excitement. Thanks to Bill the Firefighter, Uzzel was able to capture this amazing shot of Olivia hanging by the door of the truck.

Once we had left the firehouse our next stop was this awesome cultural center. We stepped inside and it was an entirely different realm. There was art everywhere. All kinds and colors. A piano in a dark room with dim lighting. The net-worker in me decided to talk it up with the receptionist and exchange contact information for future en devours. We left there and headed for a wardrobe change. I absolutely love when my models bring me a ton of options to play with.

When she came out of her car she had on the most beautiful berry colored top with green pants and it was going to look amazing in this small garden I had seen between 2 buildings. That was out next stop. The walls of the garden were of this brown wood and it was covered in vines. Bushes with red berries outlined the walk way and the entrance was framed by this stunning green gate! I could have stayed here forever

Once we left the garden we drove over to the Weslyan University Boathouse. Uzzel was a bit more risky than I was. He was shooting out on the boat docks and I was on shore keeping my gear safe. lol

Uzzel's style is much more masculine all the way around even in his editing. He loves darks and shadows, black and white images. Where I love bright colors and deep dark contrasts. He loves strong poses where I like a bit more sensual and feminine poses.

We sat in the car a few minutes before we drove away and looked through one another's images. We gawked over many and complimented each others angles and perspectives. because that is whats it all about and how so many of us can be so successful at doing the same thing.

We all have a different perspective of things. Each unique and beautiful in our own creative ways.

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I love that you two are not really competitive but complimentary of each other while challenging at the same time. I also love the two perspectives and how you describe them. It’s interesting to me that you consider his love of black and white and shadows more of a masculine trait.


This is such an awesome project with your fiancé! Love seeing your different perspectives.

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