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Slow Down!

Wow! It's been 12 years. 12 years of your laughter, 12 years of looking into your beautiful eyes. Where has the time gone? I have helped raise an intelligent, talented, funny, athletic, and can I just say gorgeous young lady.

Before I found out I was having you. I never imagined myself being a mother. I was always annoyed by my baby cousins and not really one for being around little ones. Yet from the moment I found out you were growing in my belly I was ecstatic. I just knew you would be a girl too! And my goodness you exceeded every thought or wish I could have had.

You were my girl! My reason, my doll baby, and yes I found any reason to change your clothes HELLO!!!! lol I had legit birthed a living doll., hahahaha. You were my everything. I find myself staring at you in amazement at times. Wondering how did I get so lucky. Hoping I'm giving you everything that you need to succeed and grow into the best you possible.

From pageants, to Karate, to wrestling, track and now basketball, photography and baking, your passion shines through. I'm so grateful your mine, headaches and all. I'm so blessed to have your love and I am so honored to guide you through this thing called life.

I love you with all my heart! But man do I want you to slow down.


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