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My Nubian Valentine

I've been so busy lately that I haven't put much thought into my own children's photos. My middle child, Zoey, is 6. She is my diva. My star. I love her to death. She has the personality of a million little ladies and the heart of a lion. Her aura is absolutely

infectious and that is my favorite quality about her. Sometimes I cant believe I created her. All month of January, we talked about shooting for Valentine's Day. We are a very active family, so between basketball, dance, school and other work, I began to assume Valentine's Day photos this year weren't a priority.

I sent the children to school, February 14th, with goodies in hand for their classmates. After school, they all came home raving about their candies and teddy bears from friends. Basketball practices were cancelled and for the first time in a while we had time to relax. Having already purchased Valentine's Day props. I said to my children "Let's Shoot!"

I pulled out my bucket of paint, "Zoey, i'm gonna paint you today." her first response was, "oooooh mommy you should put a heart on my face!" Almost instantly, I thought of the Elle Magazine cover that featured Rihanna on it with her face painted, a Lavendar heart. I took to google.

"Zoey lets do this!" Of course I could find a red top, But I knew I had some old fabric in my drawer I'd be able to use on her again. Besides how else would I want to depict my beautiful black princess during Black History Month on Valentine's Day (say that 3 times fast) lol. I took 8 images in total during our impromptu shoot. Honestly I love them all. But these are my absolute favorite.

Oh and Zoey said "mommy make these go viral!" hahahaha love her to pieces.

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2 comentarios

I love this. Love the heart

Me gusta

Beautifully done!

Me gusta
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