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My Black Fathers

Now this is a story all about how.... pause. I could actually recite this entire song, but I won't do that to y'all. Hahahaha. But how fitting is it that one of the greatest black fathers represented on television was Uncle Phil from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Man did I love that show. Along with quite a few other African American TV dads, he was the ideal role model for fathers. Yes, many of us had amazing father figures in our lives that served that purpose but for those who did not, he was it.

I was lucky enough to grow of with two men I called "Dad". It's funny because growing up I didn't quite understand how lucky I was and even now my children question how they have so many grandfathers. My response is always, some of your friends get only one grandpa to teach them things and play with, you guys have four. HOW COOL IS THAT!"

Without my fathers, I wouldn't be who I am today. I am so extremely blessed that I can call on them both in any time of need, for guidance, help and conversation. I am so grateful that my mother married a man who held fatherhood to such a high standard. He raised us 4 girls to be independent and strong willed.

I hoped that as an adult I would too find a man that would father my children with the same amount of love and desire as my fathers did. I found Uzzel and he is the best father I could have asked for of my children.

In a society where black men are deemed absent, unfit and demonized more than praised. I couldn't see that. I was surrounded by loving Black Fathers. Be it family, friends, coworkers, associates and others who have crossed my path. Black fathers as a whole have never been any of these misconceptions. This year for black history month, I wanted to share beautiful images of black fathers with their children in ways the media doesn't show. Laughing, Smiling, and enjoying their children. This is how I see black fathers and I think the world should get used to seeing them in this light too!

I challenge you to leave a comment about what fatherhood means to you.

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