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Friendships While Adulting

I'm am too grown and too focused on my goals to be concerned with whose party I missed or putting effort into fake friendships. My true friends don't lie to my face. They trust me and my decisions. I've learned who my real friends are. They don't use me only when it benefits them nor do they only call me when THEY are in need. We respect one another as individuals first, as business women, as mothers and we value one another more than likes. I don't have to call them everyday for them to know I love them. And they know I do.

I cherish my friendships whether I tell my circle daily or once in a blue. When I love on my friends, I love hard. I push them to be the best they can be, I support them, I give my all.

Hell I bend over backwards to make sure my friends know how much I want them to succeed.

I'm never going to change or allow someone to say my intentions aren't pure. But loving hard on friends has also brought heart break. Being manipulated and allowing people to take advantage of your niceness because you think they care.

I never want my friends to sell me their dreams. They are not the same. I have my own! I want my friends to be themselves, to be honest, be loving, be open, be respectful to themselves, their time and mines. It sounds like a list of demands, I know, but these are things we all want and expect.

I can no longer entertain the phonies. The "only have me around when someone else isn't", the "only call when you have gossip or are upset". The me me me's!

What about me? I've given so much of my life to relationships with people I thought would be around forever only to be crushed and made to feel like I didn't do enough.

No more please! I can't take another loss.

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