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City Scapes!

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

I've had my share of bus rides but this one took the cake! After months of saying I wanted to shoot on a city bus, the opportunity arose. Raynique and I have been bouncing off ideas for a few weeks and I mentioned that I wanted to do a lifestyle session on a city bus. She thought it was a great idea and instantly went on the hunt for an outfit. We met up after sun set 2 nights ago, I really wanted the the night lights of the city to pop from the inside of the bus. We walked to the station with a hope and a prayer. 1, we needed to be able shoot on and off the bus. 2, I wanted and fairly empty bus to shoot on. 3, we didn't want to get kicked off for doing too much hahahahaha!!!! Once we arrived at the New Britain station, I put on my extra nice voice and kindly asked the driver when he would be leaving and if it was okay for us to ride his bus to downtown Hartford and back. He had a 15 minute layover. So, here I was with a model standing nearby in high heels, having to wait 15 minutes to have a seat. With nothing but space and opportunity, we started shooting and of course we had and audience. I used to get shy in front of people and sometimes even choke. But now... you want to watch, I'm going to give you a show. So we shot around the bust stop while people smiled and gave us thumbs ups until the driver was ready to depart. We get on the packed bus and snapped a few photos, But there wasn't enough empty space to do what we needed. On the ride back from Hartford we were able to shoot a bit more. Though it was still full, I didn't want to miss the opportunity and wait. But I cant lie it was pretty difficult. Having to angle my body to capture Raynique, without getting someones arm or head in the background was a task in its own. Now add a moving, bumpy, shaking bus and trying to hold your camera still. We laughed so much, mostly at the people's reaction to seeing us have a photoshoot on the bus. They would get on and do a double take as if they've witnessed the unheard of. It was the funniest thing!

We decided to make a pit stop, about half way back to our final destination, the Parkville station. When we first got off the bus, we looked at each other like "omg, this was a mistake." There were so many people lounging and hanging around doing who knows what and we didn't know when the bus would come back. That mistake quickly turned in to a great opportunity.

OMG!!!! I kept saying Yasssss Hunny, you are serving! Boy was she serving. Raynique was so much fun to shoot with. After listening to the catcalls and having men offer to pay for their photo to be taken with Raynique we headed back to New Britain. Finally, the bus was emptied and the driver was okay with us shooting for 5 minutes!!!!

We were ready to go home. After all now it was after 10;30 at night. We started walking to our cars and I pull up my Facebook to go live. As we approach the main road. I notice the strobe lights of the window fronts and couldn't resist capturing her in front of them. I just knew they would be absolutely amazing.

Raynique was easy to work with, easy to pose. We talked and got to know each other on our walks through the town. One of my most thrilling shoots to date!

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The pit stop at New Britain was indeed a fabulous idea. Sometimes things that look or appear scary end up being the greatest opportunity, just as you found out. Great work.


Such a fun and creative photo shoot concept! These portraits are all so gorgeous! I love it!


Kendra Lynece
Kendra Lynece
Jul 18, 2018

I love this concept so much! I am so glad you stepped outside of your comfort zone because you rocked this shoot!


I loved this Blog so much, I had to join just so I could leave a comment. Great work. I love your passion and creativity. I look forward to seeing your growth. Your passion makes me want to shoot. Thank you...

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