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Cherry Blossom

Me: Zoey do you want to play in some makeup?

Zoey: What kind of shoot are we doing?

The beginning to all of our magic and this one was fun. I absolutely love what we create together out of boredom and spontaneity.

Now, I’m no makeup artist, so I kept the makeup as minimal as possible trying to still deliver an Asian feel for a young black child. Red eyeshadow all over the cheek and up towards her crown. (This is probably worded all wrong but that’s how I would describe it, lets continue!) lol! I added the pink pearls to bring some of the pink from the Kimono to her face and topped it off with a bold red lip.

I had just finished asking my friend Keeya to braid Zoey’s hair because lord I have been slacking during this quarantine.

At one point it was all twisted up and somehow it became one large freeform loc. Okay, Okay… I wash it every other day with the intention of doing it and unfortunately that just hasn’t happened. Any who, thank goodness I had some tender head detangling treatment by Just For Me Curl Peace which was a life saver when brushing it into an updo and finger coiling the sides.

I found the Kimono and chopsticks on Ebay, one of my favorite shopping sites by the way. Actually, I purchased 2 of them. I had these pieces for a few months now. The intention was to do a duet series with my daughter and her model friend Khloe. Something like The Adventures of Zoey & Khloe, or Hanging with Khlo and Zo… You get my drift.

Rona had other plans.

The series will happen, once all of this mess subsides. I have so many looks for the two of them and I’m super excited about this one. When I tell you EVERY Image was just as beautiful as the next, it was tough finding the top 10 or 15 to edit.

Until next time!

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