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Women of Valor

"A vibrant alluring leader of outstanding reputation!" Lately I've felt as though God has been speaking to me in ways he has never done before. Placing me in situations and at functions that are MEANT FOR ME. Wether he is teaching me a lesson, guiding me to someone or showing me what I need, I have been in awe of how meaningful every calling has been to my life. I fuss and fight with myself all the time about attending. Try to talk myself out of going and each time I get my self together, put on my smile and fix my crown, head out the door and thank God for insisting I go!

The Women of Valor Brunch was exactly where I needed to be this Saturday! I walked in to a room full of beautiful brown skinned bosses. Man oh man is that exciting! A room full of executives, business owners, influencers, my peers, melanin dripping, golden under the sun on a rooftop in Brooklyn, NY.


It was such a beautiful sight. Women that looked just like me, killing shit! I was so full of joy! I was proud, excited and overwhelmed. As I walked the rooftop snapping photos, introducing myself and conversing, I found myself screaming inside. "YESSSS SIS!" "OKAY!!!!" "I SEE YOU!" and yes, I did see them. All of them, living and loving the lives they created and paving the way for future black women in the industry.

As happy as I was to be in the room with so many beautiful black business oriented women, I was even more thrilled listening to keynote speaker, Entrepreneur and Mentor Bianca E. When I tell you she tore the house down!!! Woooo child I was in there finger snapping, saying "amen!" And thank God for placing me in this women's presence. Bianca was dropping gems. Her speech was a bit about how she started in the industry, a little more about how she hustled her way through the industry, but mostly about the women she had met that helped her navigate through the industry. She even spoke about the few women she may not have formed a bond with but respected her enough to appreciate her talents and build in the industry together.

That stuck with me. Because she was 100 percent right. We need each other. As women, and especially as black women. We need to help each other, support one another and use one another as tools. As I stood by and listened to her powerful speech, I thanked God for bringing me to The Women of Valor Brunch.

I realized in that moment that this woman was the why. Her words were the reason God NEEDED me there. Bianca also explained how in her early college years, she had made a list of goals. Physically wrote them down on a piece of notebook paper and since has marked off every single goal on that list. Now, I dont know about the other women in the room but I was ready to run and grab my notepad and add to my list.

I was so inspired, so happy and so fulfilled. I am grateful to Deena Morrison for putting together such a spectacular event. To my bestfriend Hunni for inviting me to attend alongside her and capture her performance. And to all the ladies in attendance for being so open and welcoming and for carrying themselves with poise and grace.

You all are Women of Valor!

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