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Swaggy Z!

Sometimes small decisions can have a large impact. In Zaiden's case the impact was enormous. For months now, my son Zaiden has been asking us to allow him to get his hair cut. He would come home from school saying "so and so told me I looked like a girl" or "why do I need this bun on my head?" Okay, I admit the bun on his head was unnecessary. But when your a 4 year old boy who doesn't sit still and refuses to sit for styling, a bun is as good as it gets (hahahahaha). I take so much pride in my children's beautiful natural hair. So hearing these requests went in one ear and out the other. I felt he was too young to make such a huge decision. YES, at 4 this was a huge decision. The teasing wasn't a huge issue to me. Kids will be kids and it would have given him tough skin to not follow trends or care what others thought of him. But this last time he asked, I listened. I saw the sadness in his eyes and that hurt. I said "Okay baby, what kind of haircut do you want?" He replied excitedly, " a Mohawk!" Then he began to tell me how his best friend had one and they talk about mo-hawks all the time in school. So the process began.

Last week, Wednesday to be exact, we went down to Blaze Barbershop, where his father and myself actual get our hair cut by a good friend Sauce. We waited patiently for our turn and when he was called to the chair, his face lit up with joy. I was pretty excited too! Upon examination, the cut couldn't be done. I was sent home with preparation instructions and we were scheduled for the following week, Thursday at 1pm. We get there and we are rearing to go. No wait, just right into the chair. But I wasn't mentally prepared. I smiled and encouraged but as soon as those clippers started going and I saw the hair fall, the tears flowed and for a moment it was uncontrollable. I had to hand the camera off for a moment to sheild my tears. I was crying because I was going to miss his hair and frankly a part of me wasnt quite sure how my baby boy would look with no hair. He had a very large head as a baby and under all that hair I didnt know what I would get .

I cant stop staring at him! What I thought was so cute under all that hair was only enhanced. It brought me back to the first time I cut all my hair off. That confidence I felt showing off all of my amazing features. I know that is how he felt staring at his reflection in the mirror. Im sure he was excited to show his friends too. I am so thrilled for him, with his new look and new found swag.

He is all boy! He has always been, but now no one will get it confused!

My little SWAGGY Z!

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Thanks great poost


Kendra Lynece
Kendra Lynece

I am so glad you allowed him to express hisself with his hair! It turned out great!!

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