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Ghost Writer

I love what I do so much that I became okay with not being seen. Constantly writing the memories of others peoples lives with my camera and never capturing those random moments of my own. This has become the norm. Unfortunately.

I used to photograph all of my great moments, for myself and my children. Now I find myself working, shooting everyone else's laughter and milestones. I realized this a few weeks ago. I was attending a baby shower of a good friend and I wanted a photo for myself. Yet, instead of setting my camera down for even a selfie, I sent my children over to fill in for me. I edited all the images and it dawned on me, I haven't been in any photos in a very long time. My friends events, birthday parties, performances, family gatherings, you name it.

I mean yes, my fiance will photograph me here and there. But, am I seen? Does anyone know who I truly am? Am I "the photographer" or am I a friend?

I've been in the shadows, camera in hand making sure everyone else is seen. But what about me?

I'm at all the events dancing and laughing, where are those images?

Though I love capturing these moments, it makes me wonder... How did I solely become a Ghost Writer? Writing everyone else's story and not the story of my own happiness.

Random thoughts of a photographer.

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