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Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Hypothetically speaking: If your life ended tomorrow will there be images of you for your loved ones to cherish?

Sure, they will remember moments and have plenty of memories to last them a lifetime. But often times memories will fade away over time. Photographs are proof of life, physical history and a keep sake that will be cherished by generations to come.

I have a photograph tucked away in a box now that I recall often. Even just thinking of it I remember it to the T! Of my grandmother, Doris "DOLL" Allen. Standing by my families living room window, overlooking our wooded backyard. Hair fluffy and as white as the snow on the ground. We lived in Southington at the time. My mother or father took the image. She was wearing a 2 piece black pant set that my mother had gotten her from Her favorite store Catherine's on the Silas Dean Highway. Just thinking about the image I can hear her laughter. Loud and obnoxious, just the way I loved it. She had the kind of laugh that would make anyone around her laugh or smile, infectious.

Without this image and others like it, I may have not remembered her favorite store. I wouldn't be able to show my children the matriarch of our family. Two of my children have never had the opportunity to meet her, but they talk about her through images as if they have. It makes me smile. Through images and stories we have kept her. Strong and thriving.

I photograph moments, while making memories with and for my clients. This is just one of the many reason I love capturing families. Their love, their joy and their special moments, frozen in time forever. Knowing my images will one day serve as the only images some may have of their loved ones is both disheartening and special.

As I sit here in my room for the 3rd day in a row (yup i caught a cold and quarantined myself) I just want to hug and kiss my kids. I want to photograph them, us, having fun and laughing together. Like life is normal. Praying it will be soon.

So as your all home, or at work. Reuniting for many of us, whether it be from behind our jobs or technology, take a photograph. With your children, family, loved ones, friends. Hell if your alone, take a selfie. Video chat someone and take a screenshot. Make more memories in the now. For me, because that's all i want to do. Make sure your history is how you want to be remembered.

Love Rina

P.S. sharing some of my favorite family images.

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